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December 31, 2005


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Googling for Brontes

I stumbled upon this website this evening. It is called Googlism. You type something into the search engine and instead of getting a list of websites, it tells who what your query "is". I am sad to report that there are not enough websites about Anne and Branwell to bring up anything whatsoever, but here are some interesting and sometimes hysterical things I dug up (read to the end, and tell me you didn't laugh out loud at the last one!):

Emily Bronte is…

emily bronte is imho the greatest poetess who ever lived
emily bronte is very concise
emily bronte is a perfect little "spinster"
emily bronte is discovered by a policeman and brontefan
emily bronte is one of many victorian novelists to revere the dog
emily bronte is an almost indescribable person
emily bronte is a “peat person
emily bronte is the story of catherine earnshaw and heathcliff
emily bronte is a copy cat
emily bronte is not mine and is used without permission
emily bronte is doing the twist with kipling
emily bronte is laid out on the sofa in a light doze
emily bronte is heathcliff

Charlotte Bronte is…

charlotte bronte is a dog
charlotte bronte is truly one of the greatest writers who ever put a pen to the page
charlotte bronte is a fine example of how a person can rise amidst turmoil and personal tragedies
charlotte bronte is sheer genius especially with the work jane eyre
charlotte bronte is a better writer than our entire honors class combined
charlotte bronte is slaughtered in this cold
charlotte bronte is the 1970 edition which follows the original
charlotte bronte is mentioned often here
charlotte bronte is undistinguished
charlotte bronte is my all

Jane Eyre is…

jane eyre is more concentrated than baa baa black sheep
jane eyre is sometimes available for bookings on short notice
jane eyre is a story of hunger
jane eyre is the ultimate poisoned chalice
jane eyre is perfect but she is fictional
jane eyre is representative of the western civilization
jane eyre is not a byron
jane eyre is a past version of supermarket romance novels
jane eyre is a psychological romance

Mr Rochester is…

mr rochester is older
mr rochester is sponsored by the royal victoria and bull hotel
mr rochester is still married to mr mason's mad sister
mr rochester is sharp and witty

And now for my personal favourites…

Heathcliff is…

heathcliff is marked by her characteristic flippant indifference
heathcliff is a boy or a girl but he definitely has a young family
heathcliff is an irc operator
heathcliff is not a disaster in the league of bernadette or the fields of ambrosia
heathcliff is sent to an obedience school
heathcliff is now a recovered rabbit and back to his usual bunny habits



  1. OMG !!! They are interesting!! Thanks for posting!
    OMG OMG this is sooo funny!!
    emily bronte is not mine and is used without permission—for what eh? 😛
    emily bronte is doing the twist with kipling—OMG what in Heavens is one supposed to imagine? hahahaah
    emily bronte is laid out on the sofa in a light doze—languishing..and vulnerable :-

    emily bronte is heathcliff—-why not!

    OMG OMG this was so funny!! I was picturing a wild Pilot-like Charlotte.
    charlotte bronte is a dog

    jane eyre is sometimes available for bookings on short notice—Indeed!!!! :-
    jane eyre is representative of the western civilization—this is profound. I have considered this before…alongside Hamlet which is purpoted to be “a study of western civilization”

    awwwwwww and my personal favorite!!!

    charlotte bronte is my all

    Comment by mysticgypsy — January 1, 2006 @ 12:06 am |Reply

  2. I think if you google it again it brings up more hits! This could get addictive. The ones about Heathcliff are terrific… ‘mr rochester is sponsored by…’ reminds me of an edition of JE I have. It’s from the 30s and there’s an insert in the middle of the proposal. It is a picture of Charlotte bringing her father some tea and says ‘Charlotte the Good Daughter’ or something. A little distracting. 😉

    My favourite internet searching experience is still when I discovered the ‘Mr Rochester Body Building Competition’!!

    Comment by Brontëana — January 1, 2006 @ 12:15 am |Reply

  3. OMG OMG OMG hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaI can’t seem to contain myself!!!
    A body buliding competition!!! Good Lord!!!!!!!!!!
    God save Mr.R pleaze!!! Not knowing the particulars, my Imagination is teasing me…with visions of a Schwartzenegger-looking Rochester…*shuts eyes..and attempts to shut brain*

    I tried googling it but I dont’ think I’ve found what you meant…
    the details could prove to be even more hilarious!!!

    aahh this is as much (or more) fun as welcoming the New Years !
    btw, Happy New Year Broteana!!

    Comment by mysticgypsy — January 1, 2006 @ 12:32 am |Reply

  4. It was a Mr Rochester (New York) Body Building competition 😉 It prompted some crafts… One was an icon with a certain photo from the musical (wherein Mr R is showing off his ‘taille d’athlete’) and wrote a commercial for a fitness routine to make you “Buff like Mr Rochester.” Better still was a stick-figure comic book where my friends and I had to save Jane Eyre from the clutches of Schwartzenegger who had decided to play Mr R in the next film. “I will crush their dreams” he says on his way to a “Brood Like Mr Rochester” classes. (that comic was so funny… We tried calling someone up with magic rings, a la Captain Planet but there were too many of us so I had the power of ‘sparkles’. I thought that Anthony Crivello would come but instead we got Chuck Wagner in a pink cape with lots of sparkles. 😦 Then St.John chased me for a bit.)

    Happy New Year to you! It’ll be Bronteful 😉

    Comment by Brontëana — January 1, 2006 @ 12:04 pm |Reply

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