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January 8, 2006


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The Brontës: Infernal Angria #1

From Headless Shakespeare Press, I give you this odd little book called The Brontës: Infernal Angria #1 by Craig McKenney. I cannot tell exactly what it is from the description on this independent publisher’s website but it looks and sounds like a mix of the Brontë children’s imaginary world of Angria and The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis:

Living in the isolation of the Parsonage house in Haworth Village, the four Bronte children make a startling discovery: a doorway to another world! What seems like paradise soon reveals itself to be just as dark as the real world. Can the siblings resist the allure of Angria, or will they be seduced by it? Either way, their spirits, their beliefs and their family bond will be tested to the limit.

What caught my eye was the adorable cover art by Rick Geary! But… hmn. Four children exploring another world, testing their beliefs and bonds? Sounds very familiar!

There’s also a book on this catalogue called ‘Blanche Goes to Paris’ unfortunately it has nothing to do with Blanche Ingram, from Jane Eyre, but I couldn’t help but think of what that story would be like! (I’m sure she would love every minute- international intrigue, piano concerts! She’d love it!)

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  1. Hi, I wrote the comic you’ve posted. The amazing Rick Geary illustrated it. This is the first issue of a planned 3, and does feature the Bronte children finding their way into Angria. The 2nd and 3rd issues find Branwell working on a coup with political despots in Angria, and the three sisters trying to stop him. You get one complete story here, despite the fact that it will spill over into the next planned series, THE BRONTES AT WAR.

    Comment by Craig — January 30, 2006 @ 1:12 am |Reply

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