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September 15, 2006


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From the Mirror:

Nicola Methven And Polly Hudson
THERE’S drama aplenty in the battle for viewers this autumn. ITV chiefs are so desperate to beat their BBC rivals they’ve brought forward the new Cracker film by more than a month so it goes head-to-head with the Beeb’s adaptation of Bronte’s Jane Eyre.
“Cracker was initially supposed to be screened in November,” whispers our source. “But it’s now going out on October 1 – against the second part of Jane Eyre.
“It looks a like deliberate act of sabotage by ITV, which will only serve to damage both shows in the ratings.” Crikey.

Damage the ratings? Oh, I really don’t think so. Jane will be fine.



  1. *shakes fist at ITV!* I like your faith Bronteana, but “Cracker” is a juggernaut of a show, and Robbie Coltrane is ratings gold! And unfortunately people will pick new drama over period drama, the reason being, oh I’ve seen it before.

    The good news is it looks like it’s only a feature length episode on one Sunday, so hopefully Jane Eyre (as a series) won’t suffer too much. But I’m betting on a big knock on the ratings that Sunday.

    Looks like I’m recording two shows on Sunday now.

    Comment by pennyforyourdreams — September 15, 2006 @ 3:08 pm |Reply

  2. I have long suspected that they are no good. I think Ciaran Hinds is behind it all. Months ago- nay, perhaps so long as a year ago I tried to get a friend to watch the BBC’s 1973 version of Jane Eyre (back when it was making the rounds on homemade DVDs from 30 year old VHS). Her laptop then refused to play it at all- but it would play the ITV version with Ciaran. I never thought he would stoop so low as to try to sabotage this version! Shame!


    Comment by BrontĂ«ana — September 15, 2006 @ 4:03 pm |Reply

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