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January 11, 2006


Beginning of a Friendship- and Really Bad Films and A really Good One.

Yes, I'm still here! Nothing happened- I just went back to school. 😉 In fact, I've been applying to the first of my three graduate programs. So far, so good! i do have some off topic notices for some of my readers, which I will take the privledge of including in this 'public' part of the weblog. If anyone has emailed me in the last little while, be informed that my browser is not allowing me to check my email often- this happened nearly all week. Now that I'm at the university this shouldn't be a problem, but in case you are wondering why I have not written back, this is why. For others, my book was in the press on Monday and I should have a copy of it tomorrow! I'll see about the particulars for those who would like a copy of some really bad poetry.

Speaking of the editing class, I am now taking the Publishing course. We were asked to introduce ourselves and tell the class a few things including what in our opinion is the worst book to film adaptation. I'm …proud? to say that the Brontes managed to get two out of the 20 bad films mentioned! The first was an unspecified "Withering Heights" (which was once a parody of Wuthering Heights– but I am pretty sure he didn't mean that)and then the 1970 version of Jane Eyre with George C. Scott (that would be my declaration ;). Actually, no, there were three. I went on to explain that I usually enjoy bad films so long as they are bad in the right sort of way- and when they asked me for an example, why, I had to mention the 1997 Jane Eyre with poor Samantha Morton and Ciaran Hinds. What a horrid screenplay. But so funny.

Thanks to Thisbeciel from the League of the Extraordinarily Rochester Obsessed, I can at least bring you an unhealthy number of screencaps from the 1983 version of Jane Eyre, with Zelah Clarke and Timothy Dalton!

JE 83 Ep 1-2 Episodes 1 and 2 obviously. There are 53 pictures.
JE 83 Ep 3-4 94 pictures
JE 83 Ep 5-6 111 pictures
JE 83 Ep 7 76 pictures
JE 83 Ep 8-9 87 pictures
JE 83 Ep 10-11 95 pictures

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